A 36-year-old mother of three, Hanna Faustino, has narrated how she had an ‘orgasm’ while giving birth to her second child, Kaiya.

Hanna said she didn’t want to use any pain relief to give birth to her daughter Kaiya, so she focused on special breathing techniques instead, and she had a pleasurable labour.

Hanna, who had her husband, Will, holding her from behind while she laboured in a squat position, said the labour was so enjoyable that she didn’t want it to end.

According to her, during labor she visualized her baby coming closer to her on a wave to help her through the labor, which led to an unexpected ‘orgasm’.

During birth I surrendered my mind to my body, and I had similar sensations to an orgasm. I found a rhythm of breathing and I was in a squat with my husband supporting me. I forgot they were in the room as I was just able to focus on this natural extension and reached a really blissful state.

“It was really natural to push, and the contractions didn’t feel as painful. I had this fullness, and I didn’t want the feeling to stop.” she recounted.

“I was in a squat in my bedroom and the lights were dim. With all my babies I’ve worked on a visualisation with each contraction that they are a wave bringing my baby closer to me. I didn’t use any pain relief with any of my births. Reaching that state was beautiful and I didn’t want it to end”, She added.

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