A Twitter user, Yemie Fash has cried out on the microblogging app, after a lady allegedly messaged him saying she was about to be used for rituals.

According to Yemie, the lady messaged him to tell him that she was about to be used for rituals around FUTA South gate in Akure.

He tweeted,

“A lady chatted me up a few mins ago that she was about to be used for ritual around FUTA south gate in Akure, she blocked me almost immediately after, I suspect her phone was collected from her when she was chatting with me. I av called the attention of security operatives to it.”

Earlier today, we reported of the moment, captured on camera, of three people were seen bathing on a bridge in broad daylight.

The people were clad in just red wrappers around their waist as they scrubbed their body with soap on a bridge in Ibadan. The man filming the scene is heard saying that the people came with “army” as escorts.



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