A video serving rounds online has shown the moment a woman confronted a man for sexually harassing her on a bus.

In the video which found its way to the internet, the lady brings out the pepper spray after the man who sat next to her on the bus was touching her inappropriately.

When confronted, the man said he was touching her because he cared. He went on to say that her anklet was a sign that she was available.

According to him, wearing a leg chain means “I’m married but available.”

He asked her to put away the pepper spray and stated that “he has money and will make her happy“.

The lady, who was clearly not having any of it, scolded him and demanded that he first use the money to take care of himself because he needs help.

Watch video below,

In related news, there was quite a drama in a bus in Lagos recently after a lady went wild and fought dirty after she was allegedly sexually harassed by a co-passenger.

Unfortunately, it was the lady who fought back after a co-passenger allegedly sexually harassed her that was left behind as the bus driver drove off.

Sharing the video, an Instagram user @Tolulopelonge wrote, “The craziest thing happened today. This woman claimed the man touched her and just went berserk in the bus. Conductor and passengers had to find a way to discharge her”.

Watch video here

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