A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to seek justice after a ride-hailing app driver manhandled her because she wanted her friend to join the ride.

Lady cries

The incident reportedly occurred in Abuja today, November 16.

Videos shared online shows the moment the driver, identified as Ifeanyichukwu Chris, roughly dragged her out of his car and injured her in the process.

The victim, who sustained injuries on her knee and fingernail, is said to be in a clinic receiving treatment.

Read a report shared by the victim’s friend below,

So my friend was coming from town with BOLT and she decided to stop by my house which is barely 3 minutes away from her house to pick me up. She told the bolt driver she wanted to pick something up and he agreed to it with no complaint whatsoever.

She called me and I came outside and entered the vehicle, the man started complaining that she said she was picking “something” not a person that what am I doing in his car.

So my friend tried to explain to him that there is no law on the bolt app against carrying an extra person on your ride, why does he have a problem with it ??

Then we got into an argument this man said we should come down from his car and we refused because we haven’t gotten to our destination yet, this man carried a weapon from under his car seat, came down and was trying to drag my friend out with force !

He dragged her out and beat her mercilessly, please we need justice because we know bolt won’t do anything and we need justice, cause with the way the man brought that thing from under his car, it obvious we are not his first victim.

Watch the videos below,

See the friend’s writeup below,

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  1. Honestly am against violence but the truth is,u are not detailed enough brought out that thing…Wants to pick something my dear if na for court u loose the more…What is the thing he brought out and for ur friend are u something she wants to pick.When did human being become a thing…Most beautiful ladies ain’t gat brains…Good communication skills is of the essence…My two cents

  2. The girls are at fault, the should have bargained properly with the driver.

    As for the knee injury, am certain should won’t be able to do doggy for a while, maybe that’s the more reason she is wailing.

  3. In as much as I am against violence I still have to say she passed a wrong message to the cabbie. She said she would be picking something but instead someone joined the ride. So many cabbies have lost their cabs to criminals in same manner.
    She would have made it clear that someone would be joining them instead of saying she would be picking up something then it’ll be the decision of the cabbie on whether he’ll embark on the ride or not.

  4. Ladies, you’re at fault and you people have to know that. Because you’re ladies shouldn’t give you the all-go for anything you do. How can you pick someone and the person said “I want to pick something at a particular place” getting there some other person jumped in? My dear do you people want to go and rubbed the girl?

    Because the way I’m seeing, some other people are somewhere waiting to carryout their atrocities.

    Mostly Uber and Bolt drivers are always on the receiving end and no one ever comes out to protect their interest.

    So ladies, stop this your mannerless attitude claiming to me Innocent always.

  5. These are typical Ashawo o.
    If they had no bad intention,why did say “something” instead of “Someone”
    In as much as I don’t support physical confrontation,the driver must tell his own side of the story and possibly inform us how they abused him too.
    Most of these girls can’t even afford a spare tire

  6. If u people talk like dis that means u support violets
    Yes she’s wrong she should have said she’s picking her friend, mind u there is no law that says u can’t b two in a ride
    The the guy apologized to her and pay the hospital bill simple as that.

  7. Most bolt guys are always at the receiving end with such scenario,I’m sure the man wanted to protect himself and his car, however,I don’t support violence.

  8. If the truth needs to be padded with lies for it to stand, then that truth is not true enough, and there for, it is a lie.

    Amongst many false claims in the reporting of the event that transpired, I will just quote this below…

    “She called me and I came outside and entered the vehicle,”

    I stand to say that; she came down from the car, walked into the accommodation, spent approximately 7-10mins. On her return, was excorted by the said friend, and both entered the car.

    This will be as much as I will respond.

    Thank you

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