A Nigerian lady has come on social media to rant about how her brother-in-law’s fiancee’s family gave him an exorbitant bride price list.

Sharing some images of the list via her Facebook page, @Chidimma Destiny Ogedi, she noted that the list had 13 different steps.


Adding that she was not expecting a River State bride price list to be like this because only Imo State is known to have an expensive bride price list.

She wrote in the caption;

“My brother in-law is getting married to the love of his life who’s from Rivers State, he just sent the bride price list to the group and everyone is angry 😂😂

Wait! I thought Imo State has the highest list for bride price, what is this list that has 13 steps before someone can marry 😡

Aah aah!!!! Me sef I’m vexing on his behalf, it’s too long and expensive!

I cropped some parts because yunno, this thing has step one to thirteen !!! Big big things.”

The post which has now gone viral, has generated different opinions from internet users, as they all trooped to the comment section to share their thoughts.

While some criticized the lady for sharing the list online, others wondered why the items on the list cost that much.

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