A Nigerian woman identified as @lulus_twins declared that mothers have the right to name their child even if the dad will name the child. She emphasized family member can’t decide the name of the child, she gave birth to.

Sharing the video on TikTok, she remarked that anyone who is not the father or mother of a child should not be permitted to name a child, she carried for nine months.

In her words,

“I will carry a child for nine months, you wey no be papa, you are not the father or mother, you carry yourself from nowhere to come and name my child because you’re an extended family member” 

She captioned the video;

“I feel mothers should be ones naming their child, even if the dad will name the child, it should be in agreement with the woman”

She opined that mothers has the spiritual and emotional backing to name a child. There should be an agreement between the parents on the child’s naming as they review the mother’s experience when she was pregnant. The father should also seek the mother’s consent before naming the child.

She explained the mother’s pregnancy experience will help to select meaningful and beautiful name that will benefit the child’s future.

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