The term “office husband” has been trending on micro-blogging platform, Twitter and it’s got people talking.

Historically, “Office Husband” is a phrase, mostly in American English, referring to a co-worker, with whom one shares a special relationship, having bonds similar to those of a marriage.

It has become more popular in Nigerian hemisphere due to photos of “office spouses” which have infiltrated social media sites.

However, some netizens have mused that there may be a more sinister motivation behind being an “office husband or wife” and a recent story about how a man lost his girlfriend of four years to her “Office Husband” has further buttressed the point.

The story told by Ogbeni Dipo goes thus;

Girlfriend of 4 years and Office Husband got married last week. Boyfriend is currently heart broken. All of this happened within 6 months of the babe getting a new job which the Boyfriend referred her for. Don’t let anyone use Office Husband and Office Wife to chance you o.

Below are some reactions that trailed the story;

Morris Monye wrote;

This is a real thing.

All those office guys are the people you see more for the better part of the day. Especially if you work in Lagos. Emotions are built over time.

Miss Dee wrote;

Love happens in mysterious ways, they’ll all be fine.

UncleMideTush wrote;

Longevity will never equate sustainability. That you’ve dated someone for the longest doesn’t imply y’all will eventually end up together. You can as well pull every string humanly possible and yet still get ditched. ‘Breakfast’ is an actual bastard; anyone can be served.

Ayobami wrote;

Obviously Boyfriend wasn’t sure about her otherwise he would have married her within the 4 years of courtship.

Ladies are sometimes selfish in choosing suitable partners.

I symapathise with him, but he should move on.
God bless the girl’s new home though.

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