A lady, took to Instagram to narrate her heartbreaking story to diaryofanaijagirl, of how shocked she was after she caught her brother fingering her 4-year-old daughter.

The lady who’s bio was not disclose, also said her family members pleaded with her not to report the incident to her husband and it should be kept within the family.

See full screenshots below;



  1. My sister please tell your Husband. What if he gets to know about it in future, don’t you think he is going to be in this your present state. The only difference is that you will be among those to be punished or you might even loose your marriage which i will never pray it happens. He is the only person you can trust on this.

  2. Thank God u caught him, give your daughter a thorough treatment, forgive your brother, dnt blame mum and dad cos they are short of words, pray to God and tell your husband. Also, forgive yourself first in all of the event, and always be close to your girls. Tell them to tell you if anyone touches their PP. God keep your home

  3. Ma’am, do not allow sentiments to becloud your judgement. Go ahead and report the matter to your husband, and let him take it up. Would you gladly fold your arms and your daughter’s life being abused just because the culprit is your blood relation? Your home/marriage should come first as far as this incident is concerned.


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