An heartbroken young woman has narrated how her first-ever boyfriend who she dated for five years infected her with HIV.

Narrating the heartbreaking story, the young lady identified as @Zandie_V on Twitter, revealed the she dated the man who disflowered her for five years, only to find out that he has children with three other women after the third year.

According to her, she fell ill 2016, but hospitals couldn’t identify the problem. Her aunt later advised her to meet a dermatologist and some tests were done.

One of the tests showed she has tuberculosis, and was asked to do an HIV test, which also came back as positive.

She explained that when she confronted her boyfriend, he insulted her and called her promiscuous, which led to the end of their 5years relationship.

He later apologized for his actions after he also fell sick and was admitted to the hospital.

Her tweet reads,

“I am HIV positive!!!

2010 I dated a guy 6 years older than me, it was a long distance relationship but I still trusted him. The guy was working and I was doing my matric when we met. He was the first guy I had sex with and I was this honest gf. Problem is I trust too much.
I still do. I loved him with all my heart and he never gave me any reason not to trust him cz he would call, text or checkup on me everyday.We dated for 5 full years.

After 3 years of our relationship, I then heard rumours about him having 3 kids with different mothers😳. As trusting as I was, I never believed any of that until I saw pictures of them in his damn phone. I asked him about them.

As expected he lied straight to my face and I then threatened to breakup with him. By then he didn’t have a choice but to tell me the whole story about the 3 kids. Yes we broke up after but I still went back to him cz at that time I thought my life was nothing without him.

In 2016 I became sick just at the beginning of the year. My legs were swollen and I couldn’t walk. I went to different doctors but non of them new what was wrong with me. I drank both traditional and doctors medication but I still wasn’t getting better.

One day, my aunt suggested that I should see a dermatologist. They ran some tests and gave me meds to reduce the pain. After a week my results came back. Guess what? I had TB🙆. I was then advised to also test for HIV. And the results came positive🤔🤔.

As shocked as I was, i then called my then bf and told him about it. I expected him to support me, to get tested too cz he new how honest I was with him, He new that I only slept with him😭. Anyway he did the opposite, he insulted me, accused me of sleeping around😭💔

We then broke up. Few months later, he was hospitalized. He called and asked me to please visit him in hospital. I was angry with him, infact I hated him so I never visited him. Few weeks later he was back from hospital. We met and he apologized for blaming me for his actions🙄

Still I told him I was better off without him. Ever since then, my love life changed for the worst. I thought opening up to a new guy before we even start dating was gonna make things easier. No it didn’t for me cz most guys told me I am a poison and they can’t be with me.💔😭

Some guys pretended to accept me and appreciate my honesty only for them to give me stories after getting what they actually came for, sex. I’ve tried many times finding a partner but i guess dating isn’t for all of us. It’s time I accept my fate now and focus on better things😭

Perhaps I wasn’t meant to find love. People ask me why don’t I have a child at this age, truth is, It takes 2 to make kids. Sometimes I wanna give up on life in general but I still remind myself that I have a family that loves and care for me❤️
I’m done trying to find happiness in a man’s heart😭😭

This is my life!!!”



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