A Nigerian lady has informed others of the benefits of having a second wife and the reasons why it’s a good idea for men to contemplate doing so in a marriage.

Florence Chinyere Ogolo, a Facebook user, commented on a post about a man who was considering marrying a second wife soon after his first wife gave birth.

As she mentioned the decreasing harmony in the home, the woman said that women are frequently the reason for a man’s choice to take a new wife.

She went on to say that some men have an irrational preference for polygamy and that this preference is influenced by women’s changing physical appearance.

She wrote;

“Am not married yet But second wife are the best. For your husband to sought for a second wife that means u are a pain on his neck. Either feeling that u have arrived after giving him a son, or you no longer respect or give him peace. Something is really wrong about Or wat he ordered is no longer wat he got. And above all, there are men who love two wives so We cant erase that.”

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