A Nigerian-Indian lady, identified as Oluwafunmilayo Pooja, has taken to social media to share the love story of her parents.

Lady shares

According to Oluwafunmilayo, her mother is from Goa in India, while her father is from Lagos state, Nigeria and they met in Nigeria.

The lady with Twitter handle @Gracebal0 said she is a product of “Namaste wahala”, synonymous with a recent Netflix blockbuster movie that was released on Valentine’s day.

Lady shares

She shared a photo of her inter-racial parents and wrote,

“My mom and dad did their own “Namaste Wahala” back when it was a taboo. I’m going to have to make them watch it, so they see a replica of their love story ❤️🥺😅 My dad is from Lagos state, isale eko. Omo Balogun ni mi. My mom is from Goa in India. My parent’s story began in Nigeria. Yes, My mom and dad met in Nigeria.

You have seen my parents. This is me (The product of Namaste Wahala) ❤️🙈 I thank God for my Nigerian dad and Indian mom. I am blessed with the best of both worlds.”

“To those who want to know if I have a yoruba name, it is OLUWAFUNMILAYO. It means God gave me joy. In short, it is Ayo. Joy in English. My parents sadly didn’t give me an indian name, but I named myself Pooja 🙈😅🌚”

“I keep getting asked this question. If my hair is real?! Yes, it is my real hair. My mother’s hair Genes transferred to my head. Na my hair o. 🙈❤️ 😘”

See her tweet below,

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