A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to share the message she received from a man who took her out on a date and made her pay for what she ordered.

The lady, known on Twitter as @smplysonia_, revealed she met the man on the micro-blogging platform and he asked her out on a date. However, on the date, he asked her to pay for what she ordered.

Sonia said she paid her bill, but subsequently questioned why he had invited her out on a date and then asked her to pay.

Replying, the Nigerian man of Yoruba descent, identified as Gbenga, explained why he made her pay for what she ordered.

Gbenga explained that the meal she ordered was beyond his budget, so he asked her to pay since he couldn’t afford it.

He added that she should have just ordered within the price range of what he ordered.

“Good morning Sonia. See I wonder why you girls do this shit. I asked for just a bottled water and pie, look at what you ordered for. Stir Chinese spag? It costs 16.5k. I know I might have disappointed you but I feel you should have ordered for something within the price range I did and our date would still have gone nice.” He wrote in part.

Read their chat below,

Sharing a screenshot of the chat on Twitter, Sonia wrote,

“Met this guy on Twitter, asked me out on a date I took my order just like he dod, but when the bills were brought, he asked me to pay for mine. I got confused, but I no go allow make one yeye boy shame me. I paid and left”.


  1. Yes the Man is right first day of outing u order beyond is budget 16,500 why the man just ordered something about 2000 you have to pay it

  2. I don’t know whom to blamed here. In one hand, the guy is wrong by not telling you to change your order if he ‘knew’ about it. On the other hand, laddies should learn to curtail the rate at which they make demands especially when you know this guy well and his financial status. Always avoid embarrassing us. You must not eat what you like best on a date. Some guys have seen this from different ladies and might not take it like some of my kind but what if I don’t have enough of that.
    Some even comes with their uninvited friends

  3. it is very well done the African girls. really your education is terrible I wonder if this female youth is doing well. it is what education you look directly at people’s pockets when you are flirted with directly.

  4. You are very stupid, you think 🤔 all guys are fool like, he otherd something affordable cheap to pay off when bills is out, you went and other chips that’s up 16,500 and you expect him to pay…gudus to that guy I love what he did….

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