A young lady has caused a buzz on social media after she shared a video of her post-forehead surgery transformation.

The lady apparently underwent the surgical procedure to reduce her forehead because she wasn’t comfortable with how prominent they were.

In the video which has now gone viral on the internet, the lady shared pictures she took before going under the knife, a picture of her at the airport before travelling for the surgery, and another picture of her at the hospital.

She then posted photos showing the result of the forehead reduction surgery, and she seemed to love her new look.

Watch below,

The video has since sparked different reactions online as netizens share their thoughts on the aftermath of the surgery.

Read some comments below,

@favouronyeoziri wrote, “Go and collect your money back dear and your forehead too”

@daddyfreeze wrote, “It looks worse to me but hey at least she’s happy…🤷”

@amakachibuzobi wrote, “I HONESTLY don’t understand! 😮😮😮 Don’t tell me she paid the surgeon for that! She should just go back and collect her forehead where dem keep am oo, before the hair line shift, enter her nose! O gini bu ife a?”

@wisdomhephzibahrealtor wrote, “How can I laugh in a way that pleases the lord?😂😂😂…the babe should go and apply for a refund Biko..She looked beautiful with the forehead”.

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