A video of a married woman begging her husband’s mistress to come back to him is making the rounds online.

In the trending clip that was shared on the wife’s TiTok page, the husband is seen looking lonely while stirring at his phone as he sat on a couch in their living room.

The wife hinted that her husband was a very lively individual until lately, when his side chick stopped texting him.

She pleaded with the side chick to come back to his life so that she could have her happy husband back.

“To the lady who stopped texting my husband please text him he hasn’t been the same since you left.” She captioned the video.

Watch video below,

In other news, reality TV star and actress, Diane Russet has encouraged parents to do a better job with raising their male children.

Diane, in a post shared on her Twitter page, told parents to raise their sons to be more vulnerable and expressive so they don’t grow up bottling their emotions.

She further urged people to be more empathetic towards men, because they, alongside women, are going through a lot.

Diane tweeted on Wednesday, December 14,

”I hope the world is softer to men 😔. I hope we do better raising our sons, so they don’t grow up burying emotions rather than expressing themselves 😔 Let’s remember to be kind, we are all going through something tbh”.

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