A formerly overweight Brazilian woman has undergone an amazing weight loss transformation by overhauling her diet and getting a gastric sleeve.

The 33-year-old identified as Monalisa Moura who weighed 21.9st before she embarked on a weight loss journey looked totally unrecognizable in new photos.

According to her, she was a never thin as a child but became morbidly obese in 2014 after her second pregnancy.

“I was never thin as a child. But I became morbidly obese in 2014 after my second pregnancy. I had postpartum depression, I tried to (take my own life).In short, six months after the birth of my second child, I reached 139kg (more than 29st).” She told UCL.

Monalisa dropped 11 stone by overhauling her diet and getting a gastric sleeve, after the surgery, Monalisa managed to lose a massive 71kg (around 11.2st) in two years by overhauling her diet.

She also took medication and fasted intermittently, which wasn’t sustainable and caused her to relapse, she went back to binge eating and added five stone back on.

Fortunately, she caught herself just in time, and was determined to get back in shape. Monalisa who now weighs 10.7st started modelling and keeps in shape by eating healthily and exercising regularly.

She credits her transformation, which she admits was difficult, to her strong willpower.

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