A Nigerian lady took to social media to explain how she sustained a quite painful injury hours after visiting a nail technician and getting her lovely nails done.

The lady had first shared a video showing off the nails she did before showing the injuries she sustained on two fingers and this had people asking what had happened to her.

She then decided to make a video explaining what went down — according to her, she had gone to make her hair and nails the previous day and the following day, was going to make a nice video of herself to show off her newly made hair and nails.

However, she didn’t have ring light stand to put her phone in place and so, she decided to place her phone on her window, which she’ll later realize was a bad idea.

She shared that while making the video, her was falling off and she instinctively tried to save her phone but it unfortunately cost her suffering an injury on two of her nails.

Watch the videos she shared,

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