The video of a lady aggressively physically assaulting her supposed boyfriend in the presence of onlookers in public was shared online recently.

In the video, the lady is seen throwing several punches at the guy who kept his calm while trying to explain to others —who didn’t physically intervene, but stood and watched as the lady threw punches— what the problem was.

While some people motioned as though they were going to try and stop the lady from assaulting the gentleman, their attempts seemed effortless as the lady continued to punch and slap the guy and even pushed him against a wall.

The video has been serving rounds on the internet with a number of people having a thing or two to say about the situation, with many of them stating the fact that not much was done by onlookers because the person carrying out the assault was a female.

It however is sketchy why the lady aggressively assaulted the guy. Watch the video,

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