A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to lament after she had to trek from Ikeja to Mile 12, when a man she met on the platform refused to give her transport fare back home.

According to the lady identified as Horlamide, she visited a male friend she met on Twitter in his house in Ikeja, an act she regretted. Horlamide noted that on getting there, the man tried to touch her, but she declined which made him refuse to give her transport fare to go back home as promised.

She revealed that the man had promised to pay her transport fare on her visit as she was broke at the time.

However, she turned down his repeated sexual advances, and this got him angry. To punish her, he refused to give her the fare as promised.

Horlamide who vowed never to visit any man she meet on the app, revealed she trekked from Ikeja to Mile 12 that day as she had no money on her.

See her tweet below,

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