The photo of a lady and a gentleman, who is supposedly her partner, together at a restaurant went viral on social media some months back because of the nature of the photo.

In the photo, the guy is seen eating his food while the lady watched him without any food in front of her… this caused netizens to interpret the photo is so many ways.

The photo went viral during the time the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria was trending as the photo perfectly depicted what the association stood for at the time.

In a new development, a lady has claimed to be the one in the photo and has shared what really happened when the photo was taken.

According to her, the gentleman did buy her food but she didn’t want to eat in the restaurant and so she got hers in a takeaway pack but the guy decided to eat his there and that was how the moment was captured.

She revealed that she’s been taunted with the photo so many times and its virality hasn’t been to her advantage.

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