Lady wakes

A lady was bewildered to find herself in a group chat created by her admirer’s wife, alongside eight of his other alleged side chics.

Lady wakes

The lady with handle @BriEsquire, took to microblogging platform, Twitter, to reveal that it was a mixture of comedy and chaos on the said group chat.

According to her, she and the other ladies didn’t know the intent of the group chat at first until they connected the dots and realized that the group was created by their “mutual friend’s” estranged wife.

However, @BriEsquire didn’t reveal in details what was discussed in the group.

Read as she wrote below,

“Met a man named Drew like 3 days ago. We exchanged numbers. This morning I woke up in a group chat, started by his alleged wife, with 8 other women. It’s been comedy and chaos ever since πŸ˜‚.

Y’all. He got five kids 😭

The woman who started the chat didn’t tell us she was his wife at first but then some of the other girls in the chat started putting two and two together and it all just went downhill from there 😭

Apparently one of Drew’s coworkers was added to the chat so she started exposing the alleged wife, saying how they are separated now and she should stop the mess.

Another girl was texting Drew on the side and shared screenshots of Drew asking to be added to the chatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I guess he wanted to defend his honor.”

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