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Lagos Police Apprehend Woman For Invading And Abdu.cting Three Pupils From A Primary School

In a shocking incident, the police in Lagos state have successfully arrested a 40-year-old woman, identified as Akintola Alima, for allegedly invading a primary school in the Ijegun area of the state and abducting three young pupils

The incident occurred on Monday, March 11.

According to police sources, she and her accomplices stormed the school premises around 3:30 pm and forcibly took away the three pre-nursery pupils.

However, swift action was taken as the police were immediately alerted.

They swiftly pursued the kidnappers in a hot chase.

Fortunately, the law enforcement officers were able to apprehend her while rescuing the abducted children.

The three pupils, named Sofiat (4 years old), Isreal (5 years old), and Mustapha (6 years old), have been safely reunited with their families.

Unfortunately, her accomplices managed to escape on an unregistered motorcycle.

However, the police are actively working to track them down and bring them to justice.

Presently, the suspect, Akintola Alima, is in police custody, facing charges for her involvement in the abduction.

The authorities are determined to uncover any additional information that may lead to the arrest of her accomplices.

This incident as since circulated online, it as garnered the attention of the public and sparked conversations on the importance of ensuring the safety and security of students within school premises.

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