The continuous invasion of underaged sex workers in many Lagos brothels has turned a big headache for adult prostitutes who are now complaining the loss of their clients to those younger ones.

This has led to these adult hookers raising alarm and appealed to the security agents, especially the Nigeria Police, to intervene, not only to look into the ages of those young girls, but as well to save their business.

This new trend in sex business of engaging underaged girls between 12 and 17 years, P.M.EXPRESS gathered thrives because the owners of most brothels have discovered that engaging those girls enhance patronages and boost their customers demand.

P.M.EXPRESS investigation revealed that patrons indeed prefer these underaged girls to adult courtesans due to high quality sexual satisfaction they derived worthy of their monies.

It was also learnt that the girls charge less unlike the older colleagues who have other obligations to meet up.

P.M.EXPRESS interviewed some of the hotel managers and sex workers to know the motive behind the use of under-aged girls and what it will achieve for the management, the victims and how they get them to work as sex workers.

In a chat with P.M.EXPRESS, an hotel manager in Mushin simply known as Mr. Mike, said that there are more than 500 brothels in the area competing for customers and it is the kind of services the customers received that will make them to come back.

He said one of the strategy he adopted was to bring those under-aged girls to boost and attract customers to his hotel.

He said his customers are excited whenever they see those young girls and are motivated to patronize the girls and which is more money to the management.

On how he arranged to bring those girls, Mike said that there are agents who bring them from mostly South-East, Middle Belt and South south States.

“Once those agents are contacted, the number of the girls you demanded will be delivered to you and then the management will then packaged them in such a way to appeal to our customers attraction,” Mike told our correspondent.

He said the agreement are usually on any money realised by those girls will be divided into three: one goes to the management, while the remaining would be shared between the girls and their agent who brought them.

On the social implication and the future of those girls, Mike said some of those girls are spoilt children who enjoy what they are doing while some were brought and forced into prostitution.

One of the adult sex workers, who identified herself as Glory, said apart from the fact that clients prefer those girls which means bad business for them, their ages prick her mind.

“Some of them don’t understand this work, a man will enter their room and will stay there for several hours making different sex demands from them and at the end, such man will pay her very little and leave,” she said.

Some of the patrons who spoke to P.M.EXPRESS said they prefer those young girls because everything about them- breasts, private and other parts of her body is intact and enjoyable.

When our correspondent contacted the Area Commander, Zone D, Mushin, Lagos, he confirmed the development which he described as a menace and dangerous trend in the society.



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