Bolatito Adegoke, the wife of the slain Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Ile-Ife MBA student, Timothy Adegoke, has revealed that he had plans to relocate their family abroad before his tragic death.

Bolatito made this revelation in an exclusive interview with Punch.

According to the mother of three, her husband had intended to move her and their children overseas while he remained in Nigeria.

Speaking in Yoruba, she said, “He had promised to take us all overseas, and he would remain here. Our children attend expensive schools, and he had promised to take them out of Nigeria after they finish their primary six class”.

The family of Timothy finally received justice on Tuesday, May 30, when the owner of Hilton Hotel in Ile-Ife, Adedoyin, and two others were sentenced to death by hanging for Timothy’s murder.

Timothy Adegoke, who was pursuing his postgraduate studies, had traveled from Abuja to Ile-Ife in November 2021 to write his examination. He had planned to stay at the Hilton Hotel throughout the examination period. However, he was reported missing by the police on November 7, 2021, when his friends and family couldn’t reach him.

Following the alarm raised by his family, the police initiated an investigation, leading to the arrest of the hotel owner, Ramon Adedoyin, and six employees

Watch video of Bolatito’s interview with Punch,

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