Twitter user @suwaidybaba shared the story of a woman who spent a lot of money to organize a birthday surprise for her husband but had to shamefully leave his office because her efforts were not appreciated.

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“A woman organized a surprise birthday party for her husband in his office, spent alot of money but she left with a cold feet because his mood was off. May we Marry an appreciative partner..

Another user, @gbengawemimo who felt the husband may have a valid reason for not showing interest in the birthday surprise shared his own experience and explained why spouses should focus more on what their partners like, not what they think they deserve.

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“The owner of a very big law firm in Lagos arrived home on his 60th birthday to meet a crowd.
Madam had organised a surprise party. The man didn’t come down from the car, he told the driver to take him to a hotel and he stayed at the hotel for almost a year. Members of the church had to intercede before he returned home.

The wife knew the nature of her husband. He was extremely quiet and private. In their 30 years of marriage, he had never attended a function or held one. When he attends church, he sits in a corner and leaves immediately after service. Many of the members didn’t even know he was a SAN.

The children knew their father wouldn’t like it. The man’s family members knew it was a terrible idea But madam said “He deserves to be celebrated after all the things he has achieved and done for people” She may have a point but it’s birthday and she shouldn’t impossible her own idea of celebration on him.

I don’t do birthdays and other noise making stuff too. To organise one for me will be to look for my trouble. I may not walk away or frown during the event but we will surely have a sit down after the party”



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