Popular Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye, otherwise known as Mr. P, has sparked concern from fans and followers with a recent post about quitting.

The singer, who recently reconciled with his twin brother after an age-long feud, announced on his official Twitter account that he was “quitting,” though he didn’t specify what he was quitting.

According to him, it has been going on since last year, and at this point, he’s left with no choice but to quit.

His tweet read,

“I am quitting! Would be Introducing someone else.📌 Announcing it officially by the weekend! God bless y’all. SAD! It’s been going on since last year! And I have done my best! And I am left with no choice than to Quit! Announcing official this weekend.”

Fans were worried by the enigmatic post, so they flooded the comments to demand clarification.

A while ago, Paul Okoye, of the popular music group Psquare revealed the reason behind their split in 2017.

In an interview with media personality Joey Akan, Paul Okoye, now professionally known as Rude Boy, said family-related issues led to the disbandment of P-Square and not music.

The music duo, Peter and Paul Okoye who dominated the Nigerian music scene in the early 2000’s finally reconciled in November 2021 after an age-long feud.

During a conversation with Joey Akpan, Paul disclosed that their split had nothing to do with music.


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