Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe has revealed that she’s still “legally married” to her estranged husband, Lanre Gentry.

Mercy Aigbe begs

The mother of two made this revelation in a recent interview with Punch, while she appealed to the public to help her beg Lanre to sign their divorce papers.

Mercy Aigbe begs

According to Mercy, her former husband who she has repeatedly called out on social media, accusing him of being a deadbeat father has refused to sign their divorce papers although they’ve been separated for a while now.

Punch quoted her saying,

“Quote me, Lanre Gentry is a pathetic liar, he is an unrepentant liar. Does he think people are dumb? How is it possible for me to take him to five courts? How? Why did we go to five courts?

“Everyone should appeal to him to sign the divorce papers. He has even refused to accept them. We are still married and not yet divorced. The divorce is not yet finalised. Maybe I should use this medium to appeal, you guys should help me beg him to let me go.

“He has. The bailiff from the court went to his place several times. We had to appeal to the court so that we can be allowed to paste the court document on his gate; I do not know the procedure they call it. The case is still in court.

Before the court went on strike, this man refused to appear in court. So, all that he was telling you are lies. All these things that I am telling you are what can be investigated. We are still legally married. This man refused to sign the divorce papers and he has refused to appear in court. I don’t know the legal term for this but my lawyer had to appeal to the court for them to permit us to paste the papers on his gate. That is what they did to him.

Four appearances and this man refused to show up before the court went on strike. Now that the courts have resumed, the case is back to court. He has refused to even show up”.

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