Popular media personality, Linda Ikeji recently took to her social media page to share some financial words of advice to young ladies.

The millionaire blogger and single mother-of-one advise young ladies to pray to God to make them rich as opposed to praying for a rich suitor.

She added that when the rich man eventually locates them, it will be a bonus.

Her post reads ;

Dear young lady, instead of praying to God for a rich man to locate you, why don’t you pray to God to make you a ‘rich man’? Because what happens if the rich man leaves? 😭😭 you start hustling for another one? C’mon, that’s too much stress 😅.

Start now at 17, 18 to find and fight for your dreams. Work your butt off to be rich. And work your butt off some more to stay rich. Its a bladdy, amazing place to be! 😋😎 Happy New week! 😘

P.S; A rich man will eventually locate us sha …as a bonus 😃

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