Ashraf speaks

Ashraf Sanusi, one of the sons of the former Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, has advised couples against cohabiting before marriage.

Ashraf, in a post shared via his Instagram page, said cohabiting with one’s partner will adversely affect their marriage and lead to divorce.

Using a research study to back his claim, Ashraf stated that couples who live together before marriage have a higher chance of getting divorced.

According to him, couples should desist from cohabiting before tying the knot if they want their marriage to last.

He wrote,

“Living with your girlfriend/ boyfriend before marriage increases the chances of divorce by 1.3x
In another study 18% of those that do, get divorced compared to the 10% of those who only started living together after marriage.
So if you really want to get married for a long time, don’t live with your boyfriend/ girlfriend, only your husband/ wife.
Don’t listen to these woke children that’ll tell you “how will I know if they’re the right person”
Most of the people that say this have literally never been married.”

See his post below,

Ashraf speaks

In other news, a Nigerian lady, Okpe Faith Tutu, has taken to social media to advise intending couples to opt for a court wedding if that is all they can afford.

She posted photos from her wedding ceremony, which she claimed cost less than 30 minutes to plan and took place in less than 10 minutes, along with this advice on her Facebook page.

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