LOL! This burst my humour bubbles this Wednesday afternoon. An apparent young Nigerian couple were trying to replicate the all famous Kimye pose, where the dude grabs the lady’s derriere and gives a fierce thug life look.

Well, the couple have made themselves objects of mockery on the internet because of their supposed-to-be raunchy action.

While the level of Chemistry between the duo is an unarguable fact, the obviously seen torn tight that the girl is putting on reveals another part of her back side.

Just this single feature has made the photo go viral, spreading from Facebook to Twitter and IG.

Trolls, for sure have began to make em pay for their ‘erroneous’ pose.

See what some wrote:





  1. Yabaleftonline
    Yhu quys will not focus on building your standards to a higher level,rather you enjoy posting a girl’s butt that you wont be able to feel till you die…and so what if he undies tore?…if Nicki Minaj had this on you probably will call it fashion.
    Focus more on informing us please…thank you

  2. Or maybe the boy tore it with his aggression while grabbing her behind. But how can we know the truth now when #yabaleftonline has tarnished someone’s image! Just kidding oh!

    Follow on IG: @theojukwu for just followership…. Hehehe!


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