beware of women

This book was written way back in the year Nigerian gained her independence by a Nigerian writer named Nathan Njoku – the author gives his reason why women are not trustworthy.

He claimed he isn’t a hater of women but a realist. Lol…Ladies, it’s been a long time coming, y’all’s wahala did not just start yesterday… Hehe

The foreword of the book reads:

Those who have been liquidated, poisoned and disgraced by women would agree with me that this booklet is a first class booklet for men.

The author, Mr. Nathan Njoku, a young but experienced writer, is neither a hater nor antagonist of women, but lover of his fellow men, a bold and an impartial observer.

I must congratulate Mr. Njoku for producing this fine work, and I recommend it, for reading to you, your family, your relatives and friends.
The Editor

Onitsha Market Literature
circa 1960

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