Lola Omotayo blasts follower

Lola Omotayo-Okoye has decided to give it to a blogger hot, after the latter called her out and claimed PSquare made her popular.

The blogger who is an obvious troll posted: “U are only popular because of psquare. Opening your legs got you mad fame @lolaomotayo_okoye”

Lola immediately, took the bull by the horn and replied: “I know you are looking for me to make you popular, give you your 2-minutes of fame and sh*t! Well here you have it scum bag! Show your face you bloody hypocrite. Clearly you suck at your job if you even have one. Blogger hypeman my ass. If you had your facts right you wouldn’t be caught dead making suck ignorant statements. I feel sorry for your dumb ass! So there you go, a little fame for you b***h! Ode Oshi!

That has got to sting!



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