Lady shuts

A Zambian lady has taken to Twitter to narrate how she shut down her aunt who body-shamed her at her mother’s memorial service.

The lady with handle @DonCorleANN disclosed on Saturday, May 27, that her aunt advised her to go on a diet because she is getting too fat.

The lady, who was evidently offended by her aunt’s unsolicited advice during her mother’s memorial, called her ugly and said bleaching had left her burnt and unrecognizable.

Lady shuts

She tweeted,

“It’s my mum’s memorial & an aunt decided to tell me I should go on a diet coz I am too fat. This is the dress I was wearing. Anyway she’s demanding I apologize coz I said she looks uglier than she did at the funeral last yr coz the bleaching has left her burnt and unrecognizable,”

“We are the same body size by they way. I believe in practicing kindness if it’s directed to me and vice versa if it’s not. Those women were nothing but vile today, either they have learnt their lesson today or they will complain to the wind coz let any of them try me,”

“Guys don’t worry I am not apologizing, even if my mother were alive they would not coax an apology out of me. When people body shame you they know exactly what they are doing. We literally have big bodies in this family nd yet they want me to show up looking like Naomi Campbell.”

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