IG critic gushes

Social media commentator, Tosin Silverdam has shared his experience with popular crossdresser, Bobrisky, after meeting him for the first time.

Tosin, who is known for giving his unbiased opinion about celebrities, including Bobrisky, on social media, met him at a recent event and was literally drooling over him.

IG critic gushes

He took to his Instagram page to share a video of his first encounter with the transvestite and affirmed that he looks good without filter or any physical enhancement.

This follows popular notion that Bobrisky’s skin looks rough and bumpy, and he uses filter to give himself a flawless look.

IG critic gushes

Tosin, who has thrash-talked Bobrisky on several occasions, has now made a U-turn on his earlier stance after meeting Bobrisky.

Sharing a video with the crossdresser, he wrote, “See who I met today, mummy of Lagos… Bobrisky is looking good ooo, forget filter. Such a sweet soul ❤️❤️”

Watch below,

The video has sparked different reactions from netizens, who are familiar with Tosin’s unbridled tongue, as they wonder if he was paid to speak positively about Bobrisky.

@mufeda_rasheed1 wrote, “But then again how much she gives you???????😂😂😂😂”

@olivia_Sum_ wrote, “This was what bobrisky meant when he said keep same energy when you see me in person, don’t troll me online an act nice in front of me 😂😂 so he was right after all”

@ivgold1 wrote, “Bob be like na hungry dey make tosin dey always bad mouth me let me invite him over for a plate of rice he will change his speech concerning me. Hallelujah bob did it”

@berries.glamour wrote, “Aahhh see tosin oo 😂 oga you’re also part of the problem we have in this country 😂😂 3 faced tosin”

@mr_mollarcrown wrote, “Na why I no dey put my mouth for anything online. Tosin wey go dey insult bob see him today chilling with bob and bob self dey comfortable with him. Na why I no dey ever put mouth for anything online.”

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