A man drunk in love has done the unthinkable as he knelt down in public to beg a girl for love. Perhaps he is begging her to take him back?

The shocking incident attracted a large crowd who could not believe an able-bodied man could descend so low for a woman who had no romantic feelings for him.

The man was however given the shock of his life when the girl rebuffed his love by hitting him quite a number of time to the chagrin of the crowd.


The disappointment on everyone’s face was stark and obvious. People around were left totally embarrassed by the act as the man continued to plead but the girl refused to accept his advances.

There are four scenarios to this story/video.

1. The guy is pleading for the girl to love him back?
2. The guy who is an ex might have probably done something to hurt her..now he is begging to take her back.
3. The guy has eaten efo riro (Love charm mixed with Vegetable stew).
4. The guy is insane.

Pick Whichever.

Video Below:

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