Bisi Alimi tells

Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi has a word of advice for men who have been praying and fasting for a wife.

Bisi Alimi tells

Bisi, who is married to a white man, took to his Instagram story to opine that the love of the life of such men might just be another men, and asked them to stop looking for a woman.

“Dear mister, stop praying and fasting for a wife, the love of your life might be a man”, he wrote.

See below,

A while ago, Bisi Alimi declared himself Lucifer and asked people to worship his feet for their wishes to be granted.

In an Instagram post eulogizing himself, Alimi said contrary to what many Christians believe, that Lucifer is the devil, he’s not a devil or Satan.

Sharing a photo of himself donned in a red traditional outfit, he wrote,

“All Hail LUCIFER- Bisi Alimi. I sit on my throne! Dignified. Exalted. Honoured. Worshiped. I sit on my throne! I. AM. LUCIFER.

“Bow now at my feet. Worship at my feet. And your wishes will be granted! Because I. AM. LUCIFER. I am not the devil, nor Satan.

I am the most beautiful of all. The most elegant of all.The brightest light of all. The bright morning star.
The inspirer of great ideas. No, I am not the devil nor Satan. I.AM.LUCIFER.”

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