Over time, there’s been the debate on what should be the attributes of a boyfriend to his girlfriend – Is it his obligation to take care of every need of his girlfriend?
Should he give her allowance?
Should he take sole responsibility of financial issues in her life?
Should he do this, should he do that?

The debate has been on for as long as it has emerged and while some may think a boyfriend should be able to ‘maintain’ his girlfriend in certain aspects, Nigerian author, Reno Omokri is definitely not in support of the just stated motion.

He, as a matter of fact, calls guys who fall in this ‘maintenance’ category, ‘very stupid’.

In a new tweet he sent in earlier on Monday, the author says the only women a guy is entitled to ‘maintain’ are his wife, mother and daughter(s)… any other lady is no less than a sex worker.

Omokri wrote,

Maintaining your girlfriend doesn’t mean you’re kind or ‘responsible’. It means you’re stupid. Very stupid. The only women God created you to maintain are your mother, your wife and your daughters. A girlfriend who requires maintenance is no better than a prostitute #RenosNuggets


  1. Funny Aspect of Life, The same Man Saying this; is out There sending money to his side chick unknowingly to us.. That’s the country we lived in

  2. i agree with him on this, i rather maintain my mother or daughter than to maintain a girlfriend. i can show her some care but not the way i show my mother, i choose my mother and daughter over any girlfriend except i get married then my wife is also my responsibility.

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