A woman has cried out for help from charitable Nigerians since her husband abandoned her in a hospital four months ago because he could not pay the medical bill of over N520,000.

The 39-year old mother of seven, Mrs. Uzoamaka Onu, who had a cancer operation is currently stuck in the New Mayor Hospital and Fertility Centre, Nkpor in Anambra due to none payment of the bill.

Report from the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, said Mrs. Onu, a food vendor from Okpoto community in Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi, could not get in touch with her husband after several attempt for four months, hence the conclusion that the man has abandoned her to fate.

Here’s her full story:

“My husband stopped visiting the hospital after I successfully underwent a surgery on my right breast.

“Though I do not blame him for absconding because he had suffered a lot since 2013 when signs of cancer started manifesting.

“He (my husband) sells rat poison and cannot afford the money to pay the balance and I think that is why he has run away.

“My problem started in 2013 when I started experiencing excruciating pain in my body, specifically in my lungs. I started visiting patent medicine stores for solution, but unfortunately that compounded my problems.

“However, it was on the advice of some friends and family members that I decided to visit General Hospital, Abakiliki where I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I am appealing to good spirited Nigerians to come to my aid and help me to get back home.”

In her quest to regain her health, Uzoamaka had visited the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Enugu and Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) for solution.

The rendezvous finally brought her to New Mayor Hospital and Fertility Centre where she had a successful surgery, leading to outright removal of her right breast.

“The total bill charged by the hospital management for the surgery was N750,000 but my family managed to pay N230,000, leaving the outstanding balance.”

Mrs. Onu’s predicament was confirmed by the hospitals medical director, Dr. Ben Ossai who described the her situation as extremely sympathetic.

According the doctor, her right breast was in a deteriorating state and was emitting offensive odour due to the devastation the ailment had caused, hence the necessity to surgically remove the affected breast.

Ossai continued:

“The patient underwent a successful surgery and had long been discharged pending when her family would pay the balance of her medical bill. But for four months now, her husband has not visited and we suspected he has absconded.”


  1. Can’t the hospital just have pity on her and let her go. Do they wish she should remain there forever? How on earth would a man selling rat poison raise that huge sum amount of money for Crying out loud. The family have tried their possible best I guest, thank God that God uses your hospital to save the woman’s life. Let them just let her go out of charity and I believe that God who sees in secret will reward them greatly. Let that woman not go and commit suicide out of ………. Or the husband being engage in ……… Due to the same ……….

  2. Things are tough for every one, de hospital need facilities too n they buy it with money, need one want to fall I’ll deliberately knowing de situation of things in dis country. God will see her through.

  3. We need another Mr Okojie to step in and pay. Besides, why would a hospital keep her patience knowing fully well that they can’t pay? Stupid brains of Nigerian hospitals, pilling up bills. Nigeria needs to grow. What makes these people think that these people can pay that money, when they haven’t paid the first fresh bill?

  4. Why shd hospital bills be so high? What is minimum wage in Nigeria? This Government needs to wake up to reality. In Britain NHS is free. Treatment for all is free plus drugs.

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