A Nigerian man has reportedly called off his wedding to his fiancée over a phone gift from an unknown person.

The woman allegedly received an iPhone 13 Pro Max as a present from someone, and when her fiancé learned about it, he inquired as to who had given it to her, but she refused to tell him.

He confronted her to know who gifted her the pricey gadget, but she insisted on keeping the person’s identity a secret.

He ultimately canceled their wedding to avoid any unanticipated problems in their marriage since he was suspicious of her behavior.

A Nigerian woman who narrated the story in a video she shared on social media said that the man in question is her close friend and asked if he overreacted.

Watch video below,

In other news, a Nigerian bride has melted hearts after a video of her giving her man a fresh haircut on their wedding morning surfaced online.

The bride, who works as a barber, decided to give the groom, who had bushy hair, a haircut on their wedding day, as she couldn’t let him attend their wedding that way.

In the video making the rounds online, the bride is captured cutting her groom’s hair. She was up as early as 5am to give her husband-to-be a clean cut before they headed to their wedding venue.

A part of the video showed her cutting the groom’s hair, and another part showed them inside a car after they had tied the knot. The man was dressed in a suit and the wife in a flowing white gown.

The wife, identified as Royal Majesty, shared the video on her TikTok handle and it has since stirred sweet reactions from netizens.

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