Khloe men

Reality TV star, Abiri Oluwabusayomi popularly known as Khloe, has advised ladies to hold on to men who cares and supports them tightly because they don’t make their type anymore.

Khloe advises

Khloe in a post on Snapchat advised ladies against allowing a good man slip off their hands because they are hard to find.

According to the entrepreneur, feeling down and being lonely is the easiest route to depression, hence they should hold on to them men that gives them maximum attention.

The former BBNaija star, who appeared to be talking from a place of experience, insinuated that men that cares and supports women are very rare.

She wrote,

”Ladies, if you have a man who cares for you, help you get through shit.. support you and gives you all the attention.. pls hold him tight cos they don’t make such anymore out here.. feeling down and being lonely is the easiest way to depression. ”

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