The height of stupidity shown by some people is really alarming. Despite the fact we live in a world of civilization, it appears many are not civilized.

The rate of Inhumanity done among humans is becoming alarming. Is Nigeria becoming Sodom and Gomorrah?

A little girl of a year and 3 months was killed by the father just to hurt the mother, isn’t that the height of stupidity and wickedness?

The perpetrator, Eno Akpan is said to be the chief priest of Ikot Akpan Udo village in Akwa Ibom who had a heated argument with wife and beat her up.

After the beaten, his wife was said to have ran for her dear life, leaving her daughter, Favour behind.

After consistent warning, calling his wife to take the daughter along with her, he was said to have inflicted injuries on the head and back of the daughter who died from the wounds.

Now, which sane human will do that to his own flesh and blood, just because he wants to teach his wife a lesson, people are really heartless and wicked.



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