Man reveals

A man, identified as Ajani Rain, has revealed why he cancelled an expensive 4-day getaway trip with a woman he was talking to.

Man reveals

Taking to Facebook on Friday, April 22, Rain disclosed that he put the woman to a test and she failed it, so he cancelled the trip and requested for a refund.

According to him, he asked the woman for $100 and she started asking him questions about what he needed it for and when she would get it back.

Rain said he didn’t need the money and only wanted to hear the woman’s response – and this ultimately informed his decision to cancel the trip.

He wrote,

“I ask this woman I’ve been talking to for a minute for $100. I get a what do you need it for? When do I get it back? A whole bunch of questions lol.

I planned a trip for us in the Mountains in Colorado for 4 days. Hotel cost per night $200…white water rafting $150 per person…zip lining $125 per person…hot air balloon $250 per person…SUV rental $80/day…not to mention food cost. I had all this covered.

Just cancelled everything and got my deposits back. I didn’t need the $100 I was just seeing what type of response I’d get if I asked for it. I didn’t ask when do I get my money back when I was planning the vacation I was just handling business. People don’t think long term. Test failed.”

Man reveals

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