Man reveals

A young Caucasian man has gotten people talking on the internet after he revealed a bizarre fact about himself on the microblogging platform, Twitter.

The man with handle @samaoxcx, disclosed that he always microwaves his underwear before wearing it in reaction to a viral tweet asking people to share an unsettling fact about themselves.

According to him, the major reason why he microwaves his underpants is because he loves the warm and ‘toasty’ feeling he gets after wearing it.

Man reveals

He went on to share a photo and a video demonstrating how he microwaves his underwear to prove that he was not bluffing.

“Before wearing my underwear I microwave them so they’re warm n toasty,” the lady wrote.

See his tweet below,

His tweet has sparked a barrage of comments online as netizens had so many questions to ask about his weird routine.

While some wondered why he puts his underwear in the microwave used for heating up food, others wondered if it’s safe for his manhood.

@sephorajoonie wrote, “Make sure to tell grandma you do this before she tries to heat up a casserole for the family in that same microwave”

@lvns_svnl wrote, “Is that good for ur private area?”


@B3tterAng3ls wrote, “You know, I was gonna judge this but then I thought about it for a second. It’s the same feeling of getting a fresh warm blanket/ hoodie out of the dryer, so like I get it, but I’m still gonna question this 😂”

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