Popular Ghanaian media personality and actress, Efia Odo has opined that ugly men are better at taking care of women.

Speaking on the Ebitz Show Efia admitted that she has dated some ugly men in the past, but added that they had money.

“Ugly men take good care of women, and of course, I have met and dated ugly guys before, and they had money because you cannot be ugly with no money.” She said.

Speaking further, she explained how she wants to be approached for possible romantic relationships.

“I feel like if you want to date me, first you need to meet me at a public place like a restaurant or a lounge, I hate being hooked up by someone. You also need to get my attention by having nice teeth. If your teeth is not nice, I can’t talk to you. I can’t date short guys because I’m always on 6 inches, and you need to have lots of money.” She added.

In related news, relationship BLogger, Olumide GlowVille has taken to his Facebook wall to advice advice ladies to marry ugly men.

Making mention of former Governor of Edo State, Adam Oshiomhole; in about 2-3 posts, his encouragement speeches gave the ugly guys hope that fine ladies will soon start coming after them.

His posts read ;

“Ugly boys always sire fine children. If you care about your future kids, give ugly a chance. A woman like you married Oshio-baba! You don’t have two heads! No excuse to keep ignoring the ugly boys in your DM”.

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