A man has taken to social media to seek advice as his wife-to-be is insisting that her mother and siblings must move in with them after marriage.

The 36-year-old man, who detailed his predicament in an anonymous message to a relationship coach, highlighted the conditions his fiancee wants him to accept before their wedding.

Noting that he loves his woman dearly and wouldn’t want to lose her, he revealed that she’s demanding that her single mom and her three siblings live with them after marriage.

He added that he’s not comfortable with this arrangement and has tried his best to make his fiancée see reason with him, but she’s hell-bent on having her way.

His words,

“I met a lady will agree to get married and she put me in condition that if I must marry her, her mum must live with us that she is first born and need to support her mum. l told her she can be sending her money monthly if we can plan toward that after marriage.

“Her mum is divorcee, so I asked what about her siblings, and she said they will all come to live with us, that’s 3 siblings. I try to let her understand she didn’t answer me, and she instead I must rent 3bed room flat if I can’t rent it I should forget her, that any man she will marry must allow her mum live with them.

The mum is just 38yrs and she is 21 yrs me am 36yrs in this Feb next year and I really love her she have almost everything I want in a woman ,help me please”.

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