A man has taken to social media to share the rude note he received from a delivery driver after the latter deliberately delayed his food order for 45 minutes.

According to the Baltimore-based man identified as Mykul Myas, he waited 45 minutes for his food, and when he finally got his order, it came with a rude note from the driver.

He claimed the driver intentionally delayed his delivery because he didn’t tip him.

“Leave a tip next time and this might not happen. And don’t bother trying to get me fired. Going back to Amazon.” The note read.

Mykul Myas who was apparently furious by the driver’s action took to Facebook to call him out. He shared a snapshot of the note on the platform and wrote, “Count your f!cking days Doorbash. I’m in here dying waited 45 minutes for this shit”.

See screenshots below,

Mykul’s post, however, sparked a debate about giving tips to service providers in the US.

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