A shocking video which shows a Nigerian man stripping naked to demand his debtor, named Nicholas Ukachukwu pays him his money has emerged on Facebook but has being deleted by the platform.

Speaking in his native dialect, the man was seen shouting at his debtor’s housekeeper telling him to tell his oga to make sure he gives him his money before Monday.

The man even shocks more when he made it known he wants his friend who came with him to record him as he strips naked and give the video to the press.






  1. Hungry man can do anything at any time,the big man is avoiding him,because of debt…..what do you expect?? Me I will carry my family and small mat,if he refused to pay then we sleep til the day he will pay us

    • Oj Lucky Harkinmoladun we suppose sad with compassion to such story. Say e don teach like this for Nigeria wey pesin papa got frustrated to the extent of running naked just to get back him money from his biz associate. Shey u know say things got worse for Nigeria because when the bad bad things start we tolerate and make jokes out of it instead of find way solve the problem? D day e go reach u na so others go dey laugh and it gets worse.

  2. True dis is not funny at all, when i was watching d video, i see dat d man is determine to recover his money in which ever way, most annoying thing is dat d debtor is threating his life, people should learn how to please ur fellow business patner when it comes to debt, d way u talk will make dat person to believe dat u don’t have d moneythan to start useing threating words, every body knows how d situation in dis our contry is now, if u hsve been overlook somebody dat own u before, hmmm, don’t be suprise to see d person knocking on ur door early in morning any time now d heat of Nigeria resseion is getting hotter every day.


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