A young man surprised his girlfriend with a brand new car weeks after she reject his marriage the proposal.

According to the man identified as @Turkcooper on TikTok, he already told her he had a small gift for her but didn’t tell her what it was, and when he took the delivery of the car weeks after she rejected his marriage proposal he still presented it to her.

Taking to the video sharing platform, TikTok to share a video which captured the moment he presented the car to her, the man shared his touching story.

In the video the woman who had earlier rejected the man’s proposal was extremely happy to receive the car gift and immediately hopped in for a test drive.

Watch video below,


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Reacting to the video an Instagram user @ambilicious_28 wrote, “If stupidity was a person 😂😂😂. That won’t still make her change her mind o😂😂😂. She’ll carry the car and give it to the man she loves 😂😂”.

@bossmarie_ wrote, “Mumu love is sweet oooo if you’re not the mumu 😂”.

@riya_diji wrote, “Never 👎 with Nigerian men they will collect the one that they gifted you during the relationship lol 😂 😂”.

@shes_spotless wrote, “Omo this type is rare😮 Even when she said no it didn’t still stop him from being in her life 😍”.

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