Man who travelled

A 94-year-old Kenyan man, Hiltan Kalugho, has finally returned home to his family after travelling abroad in search of greener pastures 42 years ago.

Man who travelled

Kalugho is said to have relocated to Tanzania in 1980 to work and gather fortune, leaving his wife and seven children behind. However, life didn’t play out as he expected, and the money he was making was barely enough to survive.

He first worked as a gemstone miner before trying his hands on live stock herding at the border town of Mocoroni.

Speaking with Sunday Nation, Hiltan said, “I left home in search of greener pastures because I wanted a good future for my children. Unfortunately, I was unable to come back home because I did not get the money I expected to get to feed my family.

“We did not get any breakthrough. What we used to get was only enough to sustain us.”

The senior citizen also disclosed that he didn’t remarry while he was away and was looking forward to return home to his family.

Sadly, when he returned last week, he found out that his wife died in 2007, as well as two of his sons.

“I feel so bad that some of my family members are not here to witness the reunion. I had longed to see my wife and all my children.” he said.

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