A Twitter user has narrated how a lady’s old tweet got in her way of landing a juicy job opportunity at her organization.

The Twitter user, @Accoid, a consultant and agency manager who shared the story online, said a female friend had reached out to her to help find her sister a job in her company, which she obliged.

However, she decided to run a search on the applicant, and, to her shock, she found old, malicious posts the applicant had made about her.

She claimed the lady, via her Twitter handle, had previously shared false stories about her being a hooker who supposedly sleeps around with people’s husbands.

“A friend sent me CV of her sibling 4 placement. I said tell applicant to DM me, here’s my twitter handle. Applicant said I’m on private/probably blocked. I went in search myself from applicants handle, I read the story of my olosho job and how I’ve been sleeping with ppls husband.” She narrated.

In other news, a young Caucasian man has gotten people talking on the internet after he revealed a bizarre fact about himself on the microblogging platform, Twitter.

The man with handle @samaoxcx, disclosed that he always microwaves his underwear before wearing it in reaction to a viral tweet asking people to share an unsettling fact about themselves.

According to him, the major reason why he microwaves his underpants is because he loves the warm and ‘toasty’ feeling he gets after wearing it.

He went on to share a photo and a video demonstrating how he microwaves his underwear to prove that he was not bluffing.

“Before wearing my underwear I microwave them so they’re warm n toasty,” the lady wrote.

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