Man cries

A man was left dumbfounded after an unexpected experience with a gay man who demanded for money from him after a night of pleasure.

The man reportedly decided to engage in homosexuality because he heard that people in the LGBTQ community are rich.

However, he received a rude shock when the man he choose to sleep with requested for transport fare after their sexual encounter, claiming to be the “woman” in the mix.

A Twitter user who relayed his friend’s experience on the microblogging platform wrote,

“My guy decided to sleep with a man cuz he heard gays have money. After a night of intense penising, the other dude asked him to give him money for fare that he’s the babe in the relationship. My guy nearly craze. 😂🤣😂😂😂.”

In other news, Jamaican singer, Iniko, has revealed her father’s rather unexpected response after she informed him that she is now “genderless”.

The ‘King of Affirmation’ singer took to Twitter to share her father’s sentiment on Tuesday, January 10, and the tweet has gone viral on the micro-blogging platform with over three million views.

According to Iniko, her 60-year-old father was oddly receptive to her new gender identity and even said he is blessed to have a child whose existence stretches beyond this realm.

Iniko, who now identifies as ‘they/them’, wrote,

“I called my dad to tell him about being genderless and how I came to this conclusion about myself and he said “I am blessed to have children who’s existence stretches beyond this realm” and I just want to say that if a 60 year old Jamaican Rastafarian can get it, so can you.”

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